Thursday, 16 August 2012

Read my article in Total Health Magazine: FUHGEDDABOUTIT! -The Holistic Approach to Quitting Smoking

My book has been written about on Yahoo, in the Boston Globe, the Town Vox Massachusetts, Canada's Herbal Collective Magazine, Euro Weekly, the Sur in English, and the Ceylon Times.  Also, I have been interviewed on the Lifestyle show on iTalk FM, and The Winning Way to Quit Smoking has been discussed twice already this year on Talk Radio Europe FM,  and I will be doing more radio and TV interviews around the world!


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This product is recommended as part of "The Winning Way to Quit Smoking" protocol.  It is a successful natural proven aid for smokers who are trying to quit. - It is a specially formulated herbal tea which is aimed to support your willpower, reduce cravings, de-stress and relax, increase energy, lessen hunger pangs, and improve lung function.  It can be taken for a limited period of weeks, or indefinately.   Keeping some at work as well as home is a great strategy!

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